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 The Quiz

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Candy Kane
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Nomaria Dominant

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PostSubject: The Quiz    Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:17 pm

To be Accepted into the pack, this Quiz MUST be completed with our guest account. The username and Password are found below. This quiz will test if you have read everything important that needs to be read. You get TWO tries, and no more than that. If you fail both times, you are able to try again within 30 minutes real time AFTER a Staff member has replied to your answer sheet. Real the questions below, read the guides and rules, and then post your answers in reply to this post. Thank you!

1. What is the MINIMUM post amount for Roleplay?

2. What wolf breeds are allowed on Wolven Paradise?

3. What are two conditions for having a second character?

4. What is required for your biography to be accepted?

5. When must a wolf be aged?(2 parts to this question!)

6. What defines pack activity on WPP?

7. Who are the Staff members of WPP?

8. What is our rule on copyrights?

9. What do you do if your going to be away for a while?

10. What is the MOST IMPORTANT rule when signing up on the site?
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The Quiz
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