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 Warning System

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PostSubject: Warning System   Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:59 pm

This system should be reviewed by Staff and members frequently to remind them of how punishments for breaking pack rules goes. Staff are highly serious about this system and use it to keep order in the pack. Play it safe and don't screw around but also have fun here Smile

1st Warning - When breaking a rule, whether it is in the chatbox, RP, and the General rules, the Staff will take it lightly with a pat on the wrist and a gentle "Don't do it again, please".
Chatbox: When you break a rule such as over excessive use of repeated letters, a small curse word, or some small thing like that, the Staff will bide you a Pass for which you are warned.
Roleplay: Perhaps you put in some chatspeak at the end of your post or you power played without realization. This type of behavior is passed with a warning.
General: Pretty similar to the chatbox, but say you disrespected someone over some small post. This is passed with a warning.

2nd Warning - You TEMPORARILY lose your rank for a certain amount of time.

3rd Warning - Kick from the pack for a few days OR Permanently!
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Warning System
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