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When the moon was destroyed, so were we...
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 Westeria Pack

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PostSubject: Westeria Pack   Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:05 pm

Wolves of the West

The Land

Westeria is a land in mostly desert with limited vegetation. Water is also scarce, as is prey. There is a large canyon that stretches for miles and miles, a maze to the wolves with its vastness. Little shade covers you, wolves only take shelter in dense caves found throughout the area. In the center of the canyon are two steep ledges that lead out of the canyon itself in towards Central Glaciel, Somaria and Nomaria. Their den rests in the center of the great canyon in the largest cave of their territory they call Cavera. Their hunting is mostly in the canyon but little to find there so they must venture out of their territory most of the time. Depending on the time of year, a great river rushes through the canyon.

The heat cause for drastic changes in the Westeria territory of Westeria. Enter a dry wasteland you will should you travel here.
Spring - The heat is just building up. Prey is more abundant, but the water is beginning to dry where it runs. However, it is cool enough to play and explore freely without too much worry for dehydration.
Summer - Its hot and dry. Normally there would be much activity. But this is Glaciel, and the weather is corrupted. Heavy coats would be your downfall for faster dehydration. Wolves would do well to house their games and hunting at night.
Fall - It is starting to cool down. Hunting is easier, but animals fall scarce as they move South. The closest territory is Nomaria, however, Somaria is also abundant this time of year. The real game would be traveling through Central Glaciel, but even so, you might find some new recruits, and face possible assassinations.
Winter - It is freezing. The temperatures have dropped and now Westeria wolves face a new threat. Because of their thinner coats, they face the harsh wrath of cold. They would either need to keep moving or stay in dens as best they can to keep warm. It is questionable to move to other territories at such a valuable risk. They follow prey to other lands, even their enemies.

Health Defects

- Common cold
- Heat stroke
- Muscle Decay
- Temporary loss of eye sight
- Dehydration
- Asthma

Predators of the Pack

- Rogue Wolves
- Coyotes in Hunting Grounds
- Mountain Lions
- Dingos

Prey of the Pack

- Rodents
- Carcasses from other stray animals of other territories
- Wolf Carcasses(rare)

Enemies of the Pack

- Nomaria Wolves
-  Somaria Wolves
- Easteria Wolves
- Predators
- Rogi

Allies of the Pack

- None Yet!
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Westeria Pack
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