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 Plot Updates

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PostSubject: Plot Updates   Sun Nov 02, 2014 4:31 pm

It is the start of Fall and each Pack has their very own unique battle against elements of nature. Snow travels amongst the Nomaria and Somaria lands and Westeria and Easteria face the cold air and harsh rainfall of their territories.
It is at this time that the members of each pack may choose to travel towards Four Trees, a land of peace for all the packs in neutral territory, Nomada. However, even though it is Neutral territory, it doesn't mean there are always good intentions. Assassins and rogi, rule the territory. Some packs could have tensions, perhaps a temporary truce? One Domini has ventured here to question herself as a leader of the Nomaria pack. Will she consider herself a valuable leader? Or a weak link in the Nomaria pack history?

Notes: As we do Main plots, they will be written something like this. Individual characters or Packs will be like the Main Characters or Conflicts of that plot and the resolve of that conflict or character, is determined by how we, as members, roleplay it, so that the rp is never really spoiled of the fun!

I also started this whole thing off in Normada since the other rp areas aren't finished, but we will see how this goes. The sooner a RP method is decided, the sooner we get to the action, so leave a post there if you haven't in the announcement!

Staff: This is how all plot updates will go in reply to this topic. There should be a title, and the generalization of the plot. Your not deciding how the plot ends, you simply update where the plot goes from here. Generally if there is no conflict to this plot later on then the reply to that conflict post would have the title and part 2 in it along with a summary of the first part and what is currently happening in RP. You may write it however you wish so long as it goes in order of the last plot. So it is like a story of sorts. If have questions, please ask!

If a conflict is solved, the last user who posts for that conflict should put Solved at the end of his/her post. Then report using the report button so staff know the plot is finished. That way we don' get ahead of ourselves and a new plot is created.
Depending on how the last plot ended, is how a new plot begins. If nothing interesting happened at the end of the last plot, then the new plot will have a twist in it so we stay in order. Characters and Packs will be randomly selected for each plot. If you prefer not to be a main character whatsoever, inform an administrator!
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Candy Kane
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Nomaria Dominant

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PostSubject: Re: Plot Updates   Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:49 pm


Kaine has had no success in reach the Nomaria Spirit. Other of the rival packs have called out to their spirits as well, but to no avail.
Phantom, the Domini of Westeria finds a surprising return of Arraine, a young female assassin driven from her pack for taking blame of the Past Domini's death, even though it was a planned incident. Phantom was left with unsolved decisions of her return, and neither were her pack mates were pleased to see her. However, Coal, a wise Domini of Somaria, took her in, seeing the better of her.
After a long time of bickering, the wolves prepared to head back to their territories with winter settling in. Upon this moment, the inevitable happened. A meteor shard plummeted four trees and now the wolves of Glaciel face pain and devastation. With winter coming in, the chances of survival decreased for all wolves based on their injuries. Disease is more probable and death hangs in a doorway with hope keeping it at bay.
The Spirits have made their mark on the single tree that survived the impact on behalf of the spirits setting fate for the wolves of Glaciel. Now they must ban together to survive, or risk solitude and death.

This is the second plot! Time for mini plots! Now, you don't need to make your mini plots so soon. We have decided that you may wait till your character is moveable from their injuries before leaving the area. If you wish to stay in the area after Kaine post including: "SOLVED!" then you need to make a separate mini plot topic in that specific area for the current topic will be locked! Look at the Plot topic if you haven't already in the Guides
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Plot Updates
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