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When the moon was destroyed, so were we...
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 Somaria Pack

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PostSubject: Somaria Pack   Somaria Pack EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 8:06 pm

Wolves of the South

The Land

Somaria is the great flat terrian always covered in snow or rocky flatland's. A tundra, the wolves call it. It is barren, save a few grasslands for the caribou and elk who venture between Somaria and their rival, Nomaria.
Their den is located in an open rocky area fairly close to their border with Easteria. It is hospitable, but vulnerable to predators and other lurking wolves.
Their hunting grounds is practically the entire area. These wolves travel far in their territory, however, to follow the abundant prey and must travel mostly to Nomaria for their food.


It is never really warm in Somaria, but warmer than Nomaria. Your constantly on your feet, or trying to get warm in sheltered areas.
Spring - Less Blizzards, the air is warmer, but it is still cold. The snow is softer, making travel in the mountains more treacherous. The sun looks as though it might come out, but in the mountains, it is always cloudy no matter the circumstances.Avalanches are common in this time.
Summer - The snow has melted. Only small piles of snow are scattered throughout the land. It is warmer, warm enough to wander the territory freely. The rocky terrain is dry, but damp in some areas. The air is cool, but not too bad. No storms wash over the land, but it rains from time to time.
Fall - It is getting colder out. The winds pick up and snow falls lightly. Prey becomes scarcer than usual. Watch your step up the mountains. Avalanches are likely to happen, but not too likely.
Winter - It is cold and blizzards come almost every day. The snow it toughly packed. Hunting is difficult when a wolf barely gets a meal.

Health Defects

- Common cold
- Heart Failure
- Muscle Decay
- Temporary loss of eye sight

Predators of the Pack

- Rogue Wolves
- Bears(rarely)
- Coyotes in Hunting Grounds

Prey of the Pack

- Caribou
- Carcasses from other stray animals of other territories
- Wolf Carcasses(rare)

Enemies of the Pack

- Nomaria Wolves
- Easteria Wolves
- Westeria Wolves
- Predators
- Rogi

Allies of the Pack

- None Yet!
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Somaria Pack
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