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When the moon was destroyed, so were we...
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 Stuff to do List

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Stuff to do List Empty
PostSubject: Stuff to do List   Stuff to do List EmptyWed Dec 24, 2014 12:37 pm

Forum Stuff in General

  • Finish Pack Banner
  • Add Shout Box
  • Create Portal FINISHED
  • Update pack navigation buttons
  • Update Joining Thread FINISHED
  • Finish Staff Widgets(Calyx)
  • Finish Mates and Pups Guide
  • Finish Pack Family Guide
  • Finish Rank training Guide
  • Finish Creation of Pack Shop
  • Create Skills profile Fields(Survival, Health, Invincibility, Wisdom, Persona, Sensibility, Endurance) FINISHED

  • Clean up members list FINISHED
  • Create Chief Rank Applications(TBD)

RolePlay Related Stuff

  • Create History of the packs(Roleplay or Make up?)
  • Begin Mini Plot role play(During Recovery Plot)

Activities and Leisure

  • Banner Contest(Pack Advertisements)
  • MOTM Nomination(To be changed to Survivor of the Month)
  • Creative Username Change(Wacky) FINISHED

Staff will be working on these things! Members are welcome to help by wanting something to do. Creation of pack history will be discussed with the Staff to see how we can go about doing that, otherwise, we continue with the current plot and activities.

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Stuff to do List
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