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When the moon was destroyed, so were we...
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PostSubject: Arraine   Arraine EmptyThu Dec 04, 2014 2:42 pm

Main character: Apolla
Name: Arraine
Pack:Somaria for now
Status: Assasin
Pelt color: Charcoal Grey
Eye color: icy blue
Markings: none
Personality: Arraine is very confident she is definatly wild and will speak her mind she was an assassin so I wouldn't get on her bad side when is very flirty and can easily charm other wolves that's what made her so lethal she has a way with words and can be kind to those she feels close to
Strengths: her looks and brains make a deadly combination she is also a good hunter and a great fighter
Weaknesses: her confident attitude can get her into trouble and her heart of stone makes it hard for her to truly make a friend
Past: she was part of the westeria pack before being outcast by the old domini she and phantom were friends she has been gone from the land for months and is going back now that the domini is dead she is still however a rouge and has no interest with being back in westeria
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